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Test Coverage

Test Coverage Setup

Chisel's sbt build instructions contain the requisite plug-in (sbt-scoverage) for generating test coverage information. Please see the sbt-scoverage web page for details on the plug-in. The tests themselves are found in src/test/scala.

Generating A Test Coverage Report

Use the following sequence of sbt commands to generate a test coverage report:

sbt clean coverage test
sbt coverageReport

The coverage reports should be found in target/scala-x.yy/scoverage-report/{scoverage.xml,index.html} where x.yy corresponds to the version of Scala used to compile Firrtl and the tests. scoverage.xml is useful if you want to analyze the results programmatically. index.html is designed for navigation with a web browser, allowing one to drill down to invidual statements covered (or not) by the tests.