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Chisel Users Community

If you're a Chisel user and want to stay connected to the wider user community, any of the following are great avenues:

Projects Using Chisel/FIRRTL

If you want to add your project to the list, let us know on the Chisel users mailing list!


Rocket Chip GeneratorRISC-V System-on-Chip Generator, 5-stage RISC-V Microprocessor@ucb-bar, @sifiveReport
Berkeley Out-of-order MachineRISC-V Out-of-order/Multi-issue Microprocessor@ucb-barSite, Thesis
RISC-V Mini3-stage RISC-V Microprocessor@ucb-bar
Sodor Processor CollectionEducational RISC-V Microprocessors (1, 2, 3, 5-stage)@ucb-bar
PatmosTime-predictable VLIW processor@t-crestSite
OpenSoC FabricParametrizable Network-on-Chip Generator@LBL-CoDExSite
HwachaDecoupled Vector-fetch Accelerator@ucb-barReport
DANAMultilayer Perceptron Accelerator for Rocket@bu-icsgPaper
GemminiSystolic-array Accelerator Generator@ucb-barPaper
Edge TPUAI Inference Accelerator@googleVideo
ChiselFlowInformation Flow Types in Chisel3@apl-cornellPaper
PHMonProgrammable Hardware Monitor@bu-icsgPaper
DINO CPUDavis In-Order (DINO) CPU models@jlpteachingPaper
QuasarCHISEL implementation of SweRV-EL2@Lampro-MellonVideo
FP Divider Pipelined / Not PipelinedIEEE binary 32-bit divider using Harmonized Parabolic Synthesis@SsavasPaper
Square Root Pipelined / Not PipelinedSquare Root using Harmonized Parabolic Synthesis@SsavasPaper
PillarsA Consistent CGRA Design Framework@pku-dasysPaper, Video
TensilMachine Learning Accelerators@tensil-aiWebsite
TwineA Chisel Extension for Component-Level Heterogeneous Design@shibo-chenPaper
RISCVAssemblerA RISC-V assembler library for Scala/Chisel projects@carlosedpSite, Demo Site)
SoC-NowA plug and play supported RISC-V System-on-Chip Generator, 5-stage RISC-V Microprocessor@merleduSite, Poster, Video


Tywaves (demo)Type-based waveform viewer for Chisel@rameloniChisel backend, Surfer-Tywaves fork


MIDAS/DESSERT/Golden GateFPGA Accelerated Simulation@ucb-barPapers 1, 2, 3, Video
ChiffreRun-time Fault Injection@IBMPaper
SIRRTLSecurity-typed FIRRTL@apl-cornellPaper
obfuscationTransforms to Obfuscate FIRRTL Circuits@jpsety
Area/Timing EstimatesTransforms for Area and Timing Estimates@intelVideo

Chisel Developers Community

If you want to get more involved with the Chisel/FIRRTL ecosystem of projects, feel free to reach out to us on any of the mediums above. If you prefer to dive right in (or have bugs to report), a complete list of the associated Chisel/FIRRTL ecosystem of projects is below:


Chisel, FIRRTL, and all related projects would not be possible without the contributions of our fantastic developer community. The following people have contributed to the current release of the projects:


While Chisel has come a long way since 2012, the original Chisel paper provides some background on motivations and an overview of the (now deprecated) Chisel 2 language:

The FIRRTL IR and FIRRTL compiler, introduced as part of Chisel 3, are discussed in both the following paper and specification1:

Finally, Chisel's functional programming and bit-width inference ideas were inspired by earlier work on a hardware description language called Gel:


If you use Chisel in your research, consider citing:

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If you use FIRRTL in your research consider citing:

author={A. Izraelevitz and J. Koenig and P. Li and R. Lin and A. Wang and A. Magyar and D. Kim and C. Schmidt and C. Markley and J. Lawson and J. Bachrach},
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  1. This specification is provided for historical perspective. For the latest version of the FIRRTL specification you can use this link.