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This is the documentation for Chisel.

Package structure

The chisel3 package presents the public API of Chisel. It contains the concrete core types UInt, SInt, Bool, FixedPoint, Clock, and Reg, the abstract types Bits, Aggregate, and Data, and the aggregate types Bundle and Vec.

The Chisel package is a compatibility layer that attempts to provide chisel2 compatibility in chisel3.

Utility objects and methods are found in the util package.

The testers package defines the basic interface for chisel testers.

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  1. package Chisel


    The Chisel compatibility package allows legacy users to continue using the Chisel (capital C) package name while moving to the more standard package naming convention chisel3 (lowercase c).

  2. package chisel3


    The chisel3 package contains the chisel3 API.

    The chisel3 package contains the chisel3 API. It maps core components into the public chisel3 namespace.