package phases

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Type Members

  1. class AddDefaults extends Phase

    Add default annotations for a Stage

    Add default annotations for a Stage

    This currently only adds a TargetDirAnnotation. This isn't necessary for a StageOptionsView, but downstream tools may expect a TargetDirAnnotation to exist.

  2. class Checks extends Phase

    Phase that validates an AnnotationSeq.

    Phase that validates an AnnotationSeq. If successful, views of this AnnotationSeq as StageOptions are guaranteed to succeed.

  3. class DeletedWrapper extends Phase with Translator[AnnotationSeq, (AnnotationSeq, AnnotationSeq)]

    Wrap a Phase such that any Annotation removed by the wrapped Phase will be added as DeletedAnnotations.

  4. class GetIncludes extends Phase

    Recursively expand all InputAnnotationFileAnnotations in an AnnotationSeq

  5. class WriteOutputAnnotations extends Phase

    Phase that writes an AnnotationSeq to the filesystem, according to the following rules: 1) Annotations which extend CustomFileEmission are written seperately to their prescribed destinations and replaced per replacements]]. 2) All remaining annotations are written to destination specified by annotationFileOut, iff the stage option is set, with the following exceptions: a) Annotations extending Unserializable are not written b) Deleted annotations are not written unless writeDeleted is set

  6. class ConvertLegacyAnnotations extends Phase

    (Since version FIRRTL 1.4) LegacyAnnotation has been removed, this is a no-op

Value Members

  1. object DeletedWrapper